If you're looking to get braids done I would love to get you in my chair. I offer a variety of braiding styles but, I do not know how to do everything. 

What I can do

  • french braids

  • cornrows 

  • fishtail braids 

  • box braids ( only medium to large sizes )

  • crochet braid styles 

I do not do dreads. 

When you come in for a braiding appointment I expect for your hair to be detangled. If you need assistance for detangling your hair I am happy to help just make sure you add it on to your service. It is an extra charge and more time in the chair. 

If you need braiding hair for your appointment please let me know when you book so that I am prepared for your service. You can bring your own for no extra charge. 

Braids for wedding styles


2.5 hours: Service - braids with extensions + add on detangling = $159

3 hours: Services - braided design + all down hair style = $139

30 mins: service - french or dutch braid = $30

6 hours: service - box braids = $250

6 hours: service - box braids = $300

1 hour: service - straight back style = $69