Hair extensions

I've been offering extension and wig services for 4 years. In 2020 I got certified in the Waterfall Beaded Row method and it gave me the tools to really give my clients what they need.


Making an investment in hair extensions means you will be making a commitment to be in the salon regularly for moving up appointments. You will need to take care of for your extensions correctly and protect your investment. 

Hair can be used up to a YEAR if you do your part in taking care of your hair!

Make sure that you book your consultation so I can properly service you. 

What to expect for pricing total pricing for a new client two row install ( most popular service ) $800-$1000

Pricing for purchasing hair 

Hybrid Wefts - starting price for ONE row solid hair color

  • 16' $136+ 

  • 18' $186+    

  • 22' $306+  

Hand-tied wefts - starting price for one row solid hair color

  • 18' $106+

  • 22' $162+

*If the hair needs to be colored to match a desired look it will be an additional cost. Most people do 2 rows.

Pricing for install 

  • one row $76

  • two rows $106

  • three rows $136

Pricing for maintenance 6 to 8 weeks growth ( f your hair has not been kept well managed and brushed there will be a $50 inconvenience fee) Additional $45 for wash and style.

Pricing for move up 

  • one row $76

  • two rows $106

  • three rows $136


To receive your price quote for your desired hair length and look please book an in salon consultant because installs are different for everyone. Leave me a note when booking a consultation of what you're wanting.

(Length, color, fullness, or maybe you don't know yet thats okay!)